AKWA CONSULTORIA E PERITAGENS develops, plans and implements SOLUTIONS in the entire MARITIME TRANSPORT Business Chain from the Project requirements study to the implementation of the Final Solution - a GLOBAL VISION..


Appraisal of Transport Requirements and its Integration with the various Transport Modes;

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies and Study of the alternatives for the required Equipment;

Risk Management and Project Management;


Design, Structuring and Implementation of Operational Processes;

Handling the relationship with intervening parties.

AKWA CONSULTORIA E PERITAGENS provides operational support and specialized and updated opinion and information on the activities of interest to Investors, Buyers, Sellers, Financial Institutions, Importers and Exporters, Shippers, Receivers, Logistic Operators, Port & Terminal Managers, Charterers, Ship Owners, P&I Clubs, Insurance Companies.



Construction Contract Management of Drilling Rigs in Brazil and worldwide Shipyards.

Consultancy in the development, implementation and operation of the Management System for Loading / Unloading of Steel Products, Forest Products and Refrigerated Loading.

Implementation of the Shipping Company Operation.

Ship Repair and Vessel Refurbishment.

Supervision of Ship Construction.

Planning and Management of the Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Commissioning, Delivery and Warranty of Vessels.

Inspection of Ships in Service.

Assistance on International Insurance Claims.

Technical Assistance on Court Surveys.

Technical Audits.

Consultancy in the Customs Clearance processes.